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I Can See You (Well...not really)

I thought this comm sounded I joined. Erm. Duh? ^_^ the userinfo...that River icon is just staring at me. That is indeed the creepiest. Clip. Ever.

Okay...I HOPE it's okay that I'm posting here first? Erm, if not, I'll delete right away. But I just want simple, few-word answers, and then a reasoning if you so wish, to this question...

Do you think Session 416, Excerpt 2 is?

My answer: Official Promo.

WHY: It screams viral, underground promo. Kind of like what the Matrix did with some of it's ads. It's not meant to tell people what the movie is about, but simply get buzz generated around it, and people will want to find out more. If you search 'Session 416' on Google, the first two results are two sites that at least can lead to explanations. It could very well be the start of some sort of Alternate Reality Game. Or just some brilliant, out-of-the-ordinary advertising from Universal. If nothing else, their weird ideas will get them media buzz, which will then get them some free publicity.

Plus? That's SO Summer. :P

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I am really hoping it will turn out to be an ARG. What the hell would be cooler than a Firefly ARG?
I'm the creator of this community, and it's totally okay you posted here first.

It really does scream viral promo, and yes, an ARG would be so spectacular. Knowing Joss, this could spill into conventions (so glad I'm going to Dragon*Con) TV commercials, radio, gah, the things he could do with this are unbelievable.